Rector Akdoğan, “We took all our precautions for Coronavirus pandemic at our university.”

Rector of Ordu University Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan made explanations regarding the protective measures taken at Ordu University during the epidemic of Coronavirus, which affected the whole world.

Stating that the danger of Coronavirus, which is experienced globally and declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, continues to make its impact felt also in our country, Rector Akdoğan mentioned, “In many countries, especially in European countries, preventive measures are taken for this epidemic, which is continuing with catastrophic results, and in our country, maximum importance is attached to maintaining the process precisely by taking protective and preventive measures. As Ordu University, although we have taken precautions before, we have increased these measures to the highest level since the first case. Within the scope of the precautions taken at our university, all of our students', academic and administrative staff’s travels abroad due to activities such as exchange programs, congresses and meetings were canceled. In addition, collective organizations such as, panels, conferences, congresses, etc. that will be held within our university have been suspended.

Stating that the public areas of use at the university were closed in order to fight the virus effectively, he added that the classrooms, meeting rooms, laboratories and working areas in the campuses, Ergin Karlıbel Mosque, Emin Çetinceviz Central Library, dining halls and canteens were closed. Rector Akdoğan also underlined that the number of personnel transported in the personnel services is reduced to a minimum level according to the social distance rule and disinfectants are placed at the entrances of the services, at the same time, the personnel working at the office are obliged to wear masks, and the fever measurement when entering and exiting the university is done under control.

By giving information about the distance work of the university staff and the administrative permit process,  Prof. Dr. Akdoğan stated, “Decisions have been taken regarding the remote-rotating work and administrative permit processes of all the staff working in our university in order to minimize the number of employees at the workplace within the scope of combating the epidemic. In this context, our staff who are pregnant, use legal milk permit, work with disabilities, are aged 60 and over, and are disadvantaged groups determined by the Ministry of Health - including those who are considered to have administrative leave before this process - have administrative leave until a new decision is made. 

However, during the period of the epidemic, the unit supervisors are authorized to make personnel planning in their units, provided that there is a minimum level of personnel to meet the needs, and it is possible to work remotely if the personnel have the opportunity to remotely provide services that are their primary duty.

Stating that this process was carried out with the use of personal protective equipment and healthcare services, Rector Akdoğan, who made evaluations regarding the pandemic process at the Ministry of Health-Ordu University Training and Research Hospital added, “At our University Training and Research Hospital, we continue our health services with nearly a thousand personnel in 30 branches. During the pandemic, we have also taken our standard protection and control measures to protect healthcare personnel and take in-house infection control measures. In this context, our personal protective equipment is available in our hospital, from 3-layer surgical mask to N95 mask, from sterile gloves to disinfectant and protective clothing. In this process, 6 rooms with 12 beds in our main building, 20 beds in our annex, and 6 rooms with 11 beds in our Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital were reserved for Covid-19 patients. In addition, the number of intensive care beds is 2 isolation rooms in our main building and 4 beds in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. In order to manage the process in the best way, all our employees, from our physicians to our security officers, show maximum sensitivity. I sincerely thank all of our employees who continue their duties with pleasure, day and night.”

Rector Akdoğan stated that our university shows high level of sensitivity to prevent students from suffering during the distance education process. He explained, “ As a result of the guidance of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the distance education process started at the universities on 23 March in order not to be interrupted in education. As it is known, In the statement made by Higher Education Council President Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç in the past weeks, the spring term education process will be continued only with distance education, open education and digital education opportunities. In other words, face-to-face training will not be held in the spring term. As higher education institutions, we are making every effort and effort to minimize the effects of this difficult process on our students' education life. As Ordu University, our preparations for the necessary infrastructure, hardware and information systems have been completed quickly and the distance education process has started on 30 March in order to ensure that the education and training processes are carried out in a healthy manner without interruption as much as possible and that our students should not experience victimization. Since the beginning of this process, 471 instructors have delivered 12,479 hours of lectures, and 10,711 students have attended the classes with a total of 119 thousand 174 hours.” Akdoğan added that the board of directors and senate meetings continue to be held in digital environment using remote access technology.

Akdoğan emphasized that Emin Çetinceviz Central Library also provides service with the access of “Remote Library” during the distance education process after the formal education was interrupted and continued, “We started to support our students' distance learning process with our university's rich digital library collection. We are in an effort to take our students away from the information stacks and information pollution on the internet, and to direct them to digital platforms with current and scientific information.
In this context, as a result of requests from the academic units of our University, our Library and Documentation Department subscribed to 32 scientific databases. Upon the request of our students, user trainings in which digital platforms are introduced online are also provided on the databases.”

Akdoğan stated that Ordu University is working not only within the institution but also with other public institutions during the epidemic process, adding that Ordu University's 27 staff and service vehicles are assigned to the order of the Governor of Ordu to support health services.




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