Emin Çetinceviz Central Library Expands its Publishing Network

Ordu University's Emin Çetinceviz Central Library continues to enrich the publishing network with donated printed materials.

57 Thousand 269 Printed and 200 Thousand Electronic Materials

With 57 thousand 269 printed and 200 thousand electronic books, 373 square meters of current periodical publications and 374 square meters of Digital Library Hall, 52 square meters of writing works and 88 square meters of Reference Books, in addition to the 1.308 square meter Thematic Book Hall, the University Central Library has expanded its books number. Hacettepe University has sent 1750 journals; the former Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay has sent 209 books; the former Head of the Court of Accounts Burhan Tokcan has sent 120 books; Meryem Akış from Çetinceviz family has sent 850 books for donation to our university.


Donations will be presented to Scientific Service in a short time

The Library and Documentation Department is working quickly to add donated publications to the collection, and fast and reliable system records are created for donated books. While facilitating the accessibility of users with the barcode system, the cataloging process continues, in which many physical attributes such as title name, author name, number of pages, publication information and number of prints are entered. After the cataloging and barcoding process, all new publications will be available to scientists.

Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık YARILGAÇ, who has been reviewing donated publications on the spot and evaluating the issue said, "We have accelerated the efforts to increase the number of both books and research activities in our university's Emin Çetinceviz Library. We have had many requests from various institutions and organizations regarding this work, and our institutions responded to our requests in a short time. Hacettepe University has sent very valuable books and especially the former minister Ertuğrul Günay has sent very valuable books to our library.These books, reaching our hand, are valuable and special works bearing the character of being a classical work. At this point, the main thing that is important for us is to bring the works together with the reader. Therefore, we are expecting from our library, our library, a library of science and our students, our people from Army people and the environment, to take advantage of these works. As Ordu University, we feel the support and contribution of the Çetinceviz family closely. In this regard, I would like to thank the university administrations and the people who helped us, who did not spare their support from our institution. "

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