ODU maintains the rise in student's satisfaction survey

According to the results of the satisfaction survey applied to the students at Turkish universities, in the rank of undergraduate students' satisfaction survey , Ordu University has carried its rank from 51 to 41 among 109 state universities.

The survey initially performed in the year 2016 by the lecturers , Prof Dr Ergin Karadağ and Prof Dr Cemil Yücel from Osmangazi University in Eskişehir has been repeated this year. In the survey totally 172 universities including 109 state universities and 63 foundation universities , 25.517 students were involved. In the survey while the undergraduate students from ODU were in the rank 83 last year, this year they have moved up to the rank 70 rising 13 levels.  Among the state universities, in 2017 ODU kept the rank 51, this year it has increased to the rank 41.

The satisfaction survey applied to Turkish university students and aiming at improving Turkish high education system is of great importance in respect of of university students' experiences and satisfaction, enhancing of students' experience, being a student-centered university.  The satisfaction survey of Turkish universities (TÜMA) whose main objective is to identify the satisfaction level of the students in Turkish universities and rank them according to their satisfaction levels is doing research about a variety of issues ; satisfaction of university campus, the life in campus, academic support, university administration and management, level of learning facilities and sources, presentation of personal  support and career development.

28 level rise in the rank of '' Personal Development and Career Support''     

According to the survey measuring the satisfaction level of undergraduate students, Ordu University, in the rank of Personal Development and Career Support'', rose its rank from 90 last year to 62 this year and in the rank of Institutional administration and management satisfaction from 54 to 44, in the rank of academic support and interest from 83 to 65, in the rank of campus and life satisfaction from 71 to 68 and in the rank of learning facility and richness of sources from 91 to 85 and in the rank of learning experience and satisfaction from 96 to 87 and totally with 449 general satisfaction points replaced the rank 41 among 109 state universities.

The Rector , Prof Dr Tarık Yarılgaç stated that these kinds of surveys offer a wide range of viewpoint to all the partners concerning about the researches carried out at universities in Turkey. Prof Dr Yarılgaç added '' the findings obtained by the detailed researches and surveys performed at universities give clues about how satisfactory universities are in meeting the scientific and social needs of the students. The student's experiences are of great importance concerning the students' satisfaction. The satisfaction offers us only the picture of one part. We keep the belief that those kinds of surveys will continue to meet the need for the data related with universities , candidate students, families and policy makers. In this sense, that Ordu University carries its rank to upper level displays that university administration has been successful in the process.

The success is a natural result of the works performed by the academic and administrative staff.

Thus, I sincerely would like to deliver all my thanks to all academicians and administrative personnel.''

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