Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan's Message of "January 10 Working Journalists' Day"

The press, which is an integral part of democratic culture, has a great power in providing the freedom of information to the public, in informing them accurately, impartially and quickly, in the control of public services on behalf of the society, in the advancement of freedoms and in the formation of public opinion.

Our press members who inform the public with accurate and objective news under difficult conditions, regardless of the concept of time, also fulfill an important task in creating social awareness. It is very important for our press organizations and journalists to approach all issues, especially national issues, with a constructive and prudent attitude in terms of strengthening our democracy. With this understanding, our journalists will continue to play a positive role in contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of our city and country.

With these thoughts, I congratulate the press workers who work with a sense of responsibility without compromising the principles of press professional ethics by using their pen for the rights and the interests of society, and wish them success in their work.

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