21st Academic Informatics Conference was held at the University

The opening ceremony of the ve Academic Informatics Conference hosted by our university and started with informatics courses between 9-12 February, was held.

The opening ceremony of the program was held in the Morphology Building Conference Hall. Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Chairman of the Board of Higher Education Quality Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Tevfik Noyan, Prof. Dr. Fikri Balta, General Secretary Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Kenan Şahin, Academic Informatics Continuous Organizing Committee and Internet Technologies Association Representative; Necdet Yücel, Faculty Deans and Vocational School Directors, academic and administrative staff and students attended.
The opening speech of the ceremony, which started with the mini concert of the Graduate School of Social Sciences, was held on behalf of the local regulatory committee. Prof. Dr. Tevfik Noyan said, ‘‘Academic Informatics Conferences are different from other known conference structures and consist of two stages. The first day of this four days consists of Mustafa Akgül Özgür Software Winter Camp 2019 informatics courses between 9-12 February and the second phase consists of three-day conference part consisting of stand exhibitions and presentations with simultaneous panels and product presentations. The first part of the conference, which lasted for seven days, was completed in the field of informatics with 35 different specialties and some of these specialties were completed. In this section of the Academic Informatics Conference, which started today in the second phase of the conference, there will be panels and concurrent scientific paper presentations as well as information processing department heads, library and documentation department heads, and distance education center managers in the field of science and technology consultations. About three thousand people are expected to participate in this three-day section. 21. The Director of the Center for Distance Education Research and Application, Dr. Kerem Erzurumlu who contributed to the organization of the Academic Informatics Conference at our University. Lecturer. I would like to thank to the members of the Local Organizing Committee and the Local Support Board, Ordu University Alumni Association, the Internet Technologies Association, all our sponsors and all the institutions and organizations that gave the shoulder to the organization on behalf of myself and the University.’’

Academic Informatics Continuous Regulatory Board and Internet Technologies Association Representative Dr. Necdet Yücel, ‘‘I greet you with respect and love on behalf of the organizing committee of the 21st Academic Informatics Conference. This conference is the second conference we have organized after losing Mustafa Akgül. Internet former president of the Technology Association and Linux Users Association, Academic Computing as well as the initiator of the web conference and Internet Week activities in Turkey Conference and maintainers with Mustafa Akgul in the absence of supporting this conference Ordu University Rector Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, the academicians who provided the local organization, the trainers of the courses organized under the name of Mustafa Akgül before the conference, trainees who contributed to the conference with the papers and panels, the participants who are interested in the conference, the judges who evaluated the applications, the financial burden for meeting the conference We would like to thank the director of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and Turkish National Academic Network and Information Center Mehmet Mirat Satoğlu, one of the organizers of the conference. The conference, which we organize every year at another Anatolian university and in which we aim to launch an information storm in the name of Mustafa Akgül, is experiencing the challenges of all national conferences. During the conference as much as the papers presented at the academic informatics conference, we also place great emphasis on exchange of ideas. I hope that we will have a successful conference in which we will discuss about the low level of interest in national conferences with the evaluation of international conferences in YÖK's academic incentive criteria. ’’

In today's world, where information and technology is seen as an important power, the Rector of our University stated that the world is now managed with the power of knowledge and the countries are in an intensive competition in the field of informatics. Prof. Dr. Tarik Yarılgaç, 2023 target for technological research and development activities carried out within the framework of Turkey stressed that great importance has to offer. Rector Yarılgaç stated that the universities should act in cooperation with the research and development mission in order to enable the young people to interact more intensively with these technological developments. Ordu University follows the global developments with technology transfer, scientific studies and exchange programs with many universities. While taking steps towards becoming a global showcase of the region, it also contributes to regional and national development through important scientific projects and studies put forward by our academicians in the field of agriculture and industry. Ordu University continues its undergraduate and  graduate studies in order to obtain value-added products with the aim of research universities and to develop the information technology background. In addition, the university also presents technical materials in the field of Vocational Schools which bring together the sectoral area and the theoretical background. The 21st Academic Informatics Conference, which has been hosted by our University within the scope of socialization and dissemination of important developments in the field of informatics with these feelings and thoughts, draws attention as a useful and important activity. I would like to thank all the participants for the value they will add to our treasury in the field of informatics for the members of the Local Organizing Committee and the Local Support Board, the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and the sponsors who contributed to this conference.
After the opening speeches, Chairman of the Board of Higher Education Quality Committee, Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas gave a conference on ”Higher Education Quality Studies.
After the ceremony, thirty companies operating in the field of information and technology and sponsoring the conference were visited the stands at the Faculty of Education.

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