Ordu University Celebrates 14th Anniversary

Ordu University celebrates its14th anniversary.

Having started its educational journey with 4,400 students on March 17, 2006, Ordu University continues to improve with 737 academic and 337 administrative staff, 317 permanent workers, 12 contract staff in 3 institutes, 12 faculties, 2 colleges and 10 vocational schools and approximately 20 thousand students in graduate, undergraduate and associate degrees.

Student Satisfaction and Academic Growth Rising Every Semester

Our University, which is rapidly progressing towards being the university of the future, carries the success graphic in both the student satisfaction and the scientific field to higher levels, according to the results of the research conducted by national and international evaluation institutions.

In this context, URAP, which helps universities to compare their academic performances with other universities and to realize their potential open for improvement according to specified criteria, ranked 72nd among 109 state universities and 26th among 95 universities established after 2000.

According to the 2020 State Universities Ranking (SUR-DÜS) report, in which academic incentive performances are evaluated, our university increased its rank as 69th among 123 state universities last year to a higher rank as 57th this year. In this report, the state universities in Turkey and academic incentives are ranked according to the incentive performances and our university has risen to the 20th rank, 25th rank last year, among 70 universities established after 2006.
Our University that continues to rise in the student satisfaction, was ranked 38th among the 123 state universities according to Turkey University Satisfaction Survey (TUSS-TUMA) 2019 report results of Overall Satisfaction Rankings.

Number of Laboratories Reaching 152 and Increase in Scientific Projects

Scientific research and projects are carried out at the regional, national and international level in order to continue educational activities with all kinds of opportunities required by modern education. 

Continuing its research activities with 8 research centers and 152 laboratories, our university continues its research activities for the benefit of the society by training staff who can assume effective duties and responsibilities at every stage of the research and development processes.

In the Scientific Research Projects unit, which aims to contribute to the academic success of the university by providing financial support especially for scientific research and thesis projects, approximately 2 thousand research, thesis, infrastructure, scientific activity projects have been carried out since its establishment in 2012.

At the same time, our University produces projects to strengthen university-industry cooperation through TÜBİTAK, SAN-TEZ, DOKAP, EU funds, KEIK and special agreements as well as research activities carried out in the Scientific Research Projects (SRU-BAP) unit.

Increasing Service Quality in the Field of Health

Ordu University hospitals, which are important addresses of Ordu and the Black Sea Region in the field of health, continue to respond to patient needs with the health services it provides.

In this context, 20 thousand 150 patients were hospitalized and 12 thousand 733 surgeries were performed in these hospitals (the Ministry of Health, ODU Training and Research Hospital, and Obstetrics and Children's Hospital), where 703 thousand 373 patients applied in 2019, with specialist doctors and experienced health personnel.

More than 1 million treatments of 98.265 patients were performed in the Faculty of Dentistry, which started to accept patients in 2012 and continue to provide services in an area equipped with the latest technological systems, with the aim of ranking at the top in terms of oral and dental health in the last 8 years since its establishment.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan stated, “Established on March 17, 2006, Ordu University continues to contribute to both Ordu and its region and to the development of our country by continuing its qualified growth with its approximately 20 thousand students and over 1,000 academic and administrative staff. We are in an effort to create projects and collaborations for the common benefit of the city and the university by creating new and original ideas with our entrepreneurial, innovative and researcher spirit in order our university to become a brand university in its region, country and in the world. In this context, we aim to present the information we produce without ever leaving our 'University Integrated with the City' goal by adopting an educational institution model integrated with local values. In line with these goals, we have signed joint projects and collaborations with the city since the day we took office. Today, where a rapid development and change process is experienced, our institutional goal is to increase the quality and diversity of our scientific studies and to prepare our youth for the future in the light of science by increasing the quality of our education and training activities by continuing the struggle to create a society equipped with information-based systems. With these feelings and thoughts, I would like to thank all our administrators, bureaucrats, academic and administrative staff and students who have contributed to the development of our University, and congratulate the 14th anniversary of our university."

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