Ordu University was the Guest of TRT News "Volunteer Envoys" Program

Our university was the guest of the "Volunteer Envoys" program, which was broadcast on the TRT News channel and described our Turkish people and our culture in the eyes of international university students living in our country.

The students of Ordu University and universities came to the screen this week in the program titled "Volunteer Envoys", a program that brings Turkish, Turkish, cultural and life stories to the attention of international university students living in Turkey.

In the program, the lives of foreign students who came to study ODÜ from different countries were discussed by explaining the Turkish culture and adaptation processes in the eyes of the international students living in our country. Within the scope of the program, the Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç told the opportunities that foreign students have gained.

Ordu University is working with a great devotion to help the foreign students adapt to the city and the university. Prof. Rector. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç said, "Our university, which is based on education, research and innovation in Anatolian region blended with different religions, languages, races, cultures and civilizations, continues its educational life with an understanding that sees diversity as a richness. In this context, we try to provide the best support to all our students who are studying in our university with our corporate identity. We continue to attract students from all over the world with our strong academic ladies, our largely completed physical and social infrastructure, our ever-expanding strong international connections, our good language training and internship opportunities. We see our students as the entrustment of their families and we deal with all the problems of our students with sensitivity. Starting from the time of enrollment, we provide support to our students spiritually as well as financial support in all their problems during their student life. We especially approach our foreign students with family affection to make them feel alone. In addition to all of these studies, we have also undertaken studies aimed at making our university an academic and social center of attraction in order to become a locomotive for our developing city, both domestic and foreign students. It is our belief that universities and the city will rise together as the added value of the cities of universities that are suitable for the region's conditions increases. "

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