Online Graduation Ceremonies Held

The online graduation ceremonies of the education units of our university for the 2020-2021 Academic Year were held.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdoğan, Faculty Deans, School and Vocational School Managers, academic staff and students attended the graduation ceremonies broadcast live on the Youtube Oduzem channel.

Addressing the graduate students with a video recording in the ceremony program, Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Akdogan explained, “Today, you are graduating by leaving behind a long and grueling educational journey as a result of your achievements with your efforts and efforts. First of all, we congratulate our esteemed students who deserve to graduate by working tirelessly and tirelessly during this difficult process. I would also like to congratulate our valuable faculty members who work devotedly to raise you in the best possible way, and your precious families who do not avoid any sacrifice for their children. As Ordu University, our goal is to increase the quality and diversity of our scientific studies by struggling to create a society equipped with information-based systems, and to prepare our young people for the future in the light of science by increasing the quality of our education and training activities every term, and to continue to contribute to the development of the country in this context. As educational institutions that research, question, produce information and use the produced information for the benefit of the society, and most importantly, train qualified manpower in line with these goals, we are happy and peaceful because we have brought new individuals like you to the modern and qualified manpower that our country needs.”

Rector Akdoğan added, “For your future, you should adopt the principle of being individuals who are constantly learning and act with an effort to constantly improve yourself in every field. Whatever your field is, try to be better equipped and make a difference by prioritizing sustainability in learning. Remember, constantly improving and renewing yourself is the most important indicator that you are always one step ahead of others. The diploma you have received is a tool that will lead you to your goals, but I want you to know that it is not a sufficient document for your future life. I sincerely believe that you will represent Ordu University in the best way by acting with the responsibility of taking our country one step further, as individuals who are open to innovations, committed to basic human values, have critical thinking, and are sensitive to social problems, on the path shown by reason and science. With these feelings and thoughts; I wish you and your families a healthy, happy and successful life.”

In the continuation of the program, Faculty Deans and Vocational School Managers, and the top students of the semester gave graduation speeches.

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