Prof. Dr. Orhan BAŞ



Dear Students,

First of all, I sincerely congratulate each and every one of you for successfully completing the challenging exam period and taking a significant step in your life. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to your families who played a crucial role in this achievement. As you embark on shaping your future, please know that Ordu University will always be by your side with a warm and supportive atmosphere. It will be our pleasure to share the seasons and camaraderie in our city where blue meets green, while jointly completing a highly competitive education process on a global scale.

Despite its relatively short 17-year history, our University continues its relentless academic and physical development. With 3 institutes, 14 faculties, and 12 vocational schools, and nearly 20,000 students, we have an esteemed academic and administrative staff that continues to contribute to scientific excellence in education and research.

Ordu University offers a comfortable, reliable, peaceful, and high-quality educational environment with its modern campuses that can meet all kinds of needs, as well as its scientific, social, and cultural life.

According to the 2023 Turkey University Satisfaction Survey, our University ranked 10th among 126 state universities and holds the first place among universities in the Black Sea region. Additionally, we secured the 16th place in the Student-Friendly University Cities Report. These data demonstrate that our University ensures both its institution and the city provide a satisfying experience for our students.

At Ordu University, we feel the responsibility to prepare you, the future of our country, with a qualified and well-equipped research and application infrastructure, a rich library network, and various social and cultural areas. We aim to cultivate individuals who are enlightened by the light of knowledge, have high self-confidence, awareness, and national consciousness.

With these emotions and thoughts, we invite you to Ordu University, located in the pearl of the Black Sea, where green and blue come together, a city with plateaus and waterfalls, and easy access via road and air transport.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Ordu University, where you will have the opportunity to experience a safe and peaceful city while pursuing quality education.


Prof. Dr. Orhan BAŞ

Rector of Ordu University

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