International Student Affairs

International Student Affairs


In accordance with Law No. 2547 on Higher Education and the related Regulation on Associate and Undergraduate Education, Training, and Examinations at Ordu University, our mission is to carry out the processes of our students, from their definitive registrations to graduation, accurately and flawlessly.

We aim to provide high-quality and efficient services, utilizing contemporary, research-oriented, and appropriate technologies and methods within the framework of the law, to ensure a seamless and healthy learning experience for all students at our university in light of universal values.


Our vision is to become a unit that produces knowledge at national and international levels, while preserving a strong institutional culture and identity. We strive to keep up with modern technologies, offer reliable and accurate information and documents in a peaceful and welcoming environment, and continuously develop while considering the self-confidence and satisfaction of our students, academic staff, and employees. We aspire to be a role model for everyone.

Responsibilities of the Directorate of Student Affairs

The main purpose of our Directorate of Student Affairs is to conduct all processes of our university students, from definitive registrations to graduation, in accordance with laws and regulations. We aim to ensure efficiency, productivity, continuity, and satisfaction in our services and processes, providing accurate, fast, high-quality, and up-to-date information to all students studying at our university, as well as to academic and administrative units and external stakeholders.

Our Directorate was established in accordance with Article 51/a of Law No. 2547 on Higher Education. The "Decree-Law on the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Institutions" states the duties of the Directorate of Student Affairs as follows:

- Handling necessary procedures related to students' new registrations, admissions, and course status.
- Managing graduation, identity, scholarship, and graduate monitoring processes.
- Fulfilling other similar tasks as assigned.

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