İkizce Vocational School

İkizce Vocational School started education in the fall semester of 2013-2014 Academic Year. Our school has a total area of 8000 mand 4250 m2indoor area of which has two buildings. The administrative building has a conference hall, a dining hall and a canteen. The service building has 15 classrooms, 2 laboratories, a library, a reading hall and rooms for academic staff.
We have 7 academic staff, 1 lecturer and 287 students.
We have 4 departments; Finance, Banking and Insurance, Health and Care Services, Medical Services and Techniques, Therapy and Rehabilitation. The programs are;
Finance, Banking and Insurance
Elderly Care
Disabled Care and Rehabilitation
Medical Documentation and Secretary

İkizce Vocatinal School aims to bring up individuals who are compatible with national and international standards, who adopts interdisciplinary studies, who are competent in terms of national vocational standards, who can think analitically, who can find solutions to problems, who can contribute to socio economic development of the region and the country who feels responsible for giving qualified services and whose social side is developed.

Our vision is to be an institution which is preferred by students,whose graduates are sought in professional life,which is quality focused,which leads the social developmentwhich is equal to the leading educational institutions in the region

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