School of Physical Education and Sports

Our School was founded on February 26, 2010 and then Teaching of Physical Training and Sports, Sports Administration, Coaching Training and Recreation Departments were founded on April 7, 2010 with the approval of Turkish Council of Higher Education.
There are 240 students in total at The Department of Sports Management in regular and evening programs, 88 students at The Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching, the number of registered students is 328. No students have been admitted The Department of Coaching Education and Recreation yet. We have 6 academic staff and 1 instructor.
The Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching
The Department of Sports Management

Our mission is to raise quality personnel in order to contribute to social and economic developments with the understanding of a modern education and to raise sportsmen/women who have the ability of life-long learning by developing their skills of research and creativity using contemporary sources.

To become an educational institution that has become the limelight of the scientific developments related to our field and that can meet the needs of social Dynamics and raise world class sportsmen/women in order to meet the local, national and international demands.

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