Faculty of Health Sciences

Our School was founded under the name of Ordu Health Services School in September 10, 1992 with a protocol signed between the Ministry of Health and Turkish Council of Higher Education with upper secondary education programs such as Tokology and Nursery. With a decision in November 2, 1996, the period of study went from two years to four years and the name of our school was changed into School of Health in the same year. As of 1996, our school provides nursery education on undergraduate level and has had 286 graduates of nursery. Our graduates have been working in different parts of our country. We have 368 students now in the Department of Nursery. The students are accepted to the departments according to the transition to the higher education examination.

Our Vision
To raise very well-equipped nurses who can perform rehabilitating, protecting and curative health services. To make our graduates be competitive with the other graduates in our country. To make our academic members be known and preferred nationally and internationally with their research studies, scientific activities towards increasing life quality.

Our Mission
To raise nurses who have practical knowledge and experience; who will serve high quality health service; whose universal and cultural values are improved; who can work as a team; who are aware of their legal responsibilities; who are aware of the human rights, patient rights and their own rights and implement them; who can decide independently in medical services; who follow the developments and innovations in the field of medicine; who have professional and ethical values.

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