Fatsa Vocational School

Vocational School of Fatsa started to provide education in 2007 with 167 students within the body of the Faculty of Fatsa Marine Sciences. Our school accepts students within the body of Ordu University according to the laws no. 3843 and 2547.

About Our School
In 2007-2008 academic year, our school provided education with the Department of Technical Programs, Department of Economics and Administrative Programs and the Department of Health Programs and with four other programs depending on these departments. With the involvement of Engine Program into our school in 2008, the number of our programs went from four to five. Our school provides education in three different buildings in Fatsa: a building for practice, a main building and a cafeteria. Since 2015, our school has been continuing to provide education for 1500 students with eighteen academicians and ten administrative personnel.

Our mission is to teach the students how to produce scientific and technological information and how to use that information correctly to raise respectful individuals who are open to professional and individual development, dynamic and attentive; who have ethical values, technological and professional competence, social conscience, and work ethic; who support team spirit; whose capacity of analytical thinking are developed; and who are aware of the principals of Atatürk.

To be a leader of institution of education that has universal values is respectable on national and international levels, adopts the principle of constant improvement, is respected and cared for in terms of reliable information, is open to change, is dynamic and innovative with its studies of educating human resources.

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