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Fatsa Faculty of Marine Sciences was founded within the body of Ondokuz Mayıs University in accordance with 06.10.2003 dated and 2003/6284 numbered Decree of the Council of Ministers. It later became a part of Ordu University in accordance with law no. 5467 published in 17th March 2006 dated and 26111 numbered Official Gazette. 

It takes place next to the port of Fatsa and was established on 40.000 square meters. It has two buildings. There are dean's office, administrative units, academicians’ rooms, conference room (with 110 people capacity), classrooms, laboratories, library, kitchen, cafeteria and canteen inside the main building. There are research and practice laboratories, diving room and aquarium unit inside another building.

To produce universal knowledge, to raise modern, scientific, intelligent, intellectual and creative individuals that contribute to development of community and country.

To become an institution that raise innovative and competent engineers carrying out national and international researches in the fields of ship building, marine technology, maritime transportation and management, oceanography and fishery and engineers that contribute to development of fishery and maritime sector.

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