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Psychological Counseling and Guidance
Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit within the Department of Health, Culture and Sports helps the students and staff of our university out with adaptation experienced by the new students, adaptation problems, personal and relational problems, anxiety, depression, family and social relations, concerns and difficulties related to academic and business performance. As a part of the activities carried out for this purpose, it aims to make it easier for the students to develop their personal, social and academic skills which enable them to deeply understand the effects of their feelings and thoughts on behavior and selections, and to overcome the difficulties they encounter. Individual psychological counseling services emphasize the individual, social, educational and professional development of the students as well as the development of solutions for the applicant considering the needs and preferences of the individual. Psychological assessment services are provided with preventive mental health services, which enable general life skills to be developed through informing and raising awareness, and measures can be taken before problems are experienced.

You can call, come or send an e-mail to our unit every day on weekdays between 8: 00-12: 00 and 13: 00-17: 00. Our services provided in the unit are free.

In order to receive psychological support or to obtain detailed information on this issue,
• You can make an appointment by phone or e-mail or you can come to our unit and start your conversation with our consultant.
• A preliminary interview will be held with you on your first application, and the interviews will then carry on the agreed day and time with your advisor (approximately 45-50 minutes per day per week).
Our unit serves between 08.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 -17.00 every day of the week.

• If you want to get to know yourself more closely,
• If you believe that you have feelings and thoughts that you cannot tell anyone but feel it is necessary to share with others,
• If you are dissatisfied with your life,
• If you want to determine your professional goals,
• If you do not know how to study,
• If you are doing your homework and you feel that you are unsuccessful,
• If you have an exam and presentation anxiety,
• If you think that something in your life goes wrong,
• If you want to communicate more effectively with people,
• If your morale is often impaired, if you feel tired and upset all the time,
• If you have been experiencing intense stress and anxiety in recent days,
• If you have difficulty in making new friendships,
• If you are intensely concerned about the social environment,
• If you have problems with your home or your room-mates,
• If you have troubles in your romantic relationships,
• If you want to improve your social skills,
• If you have been exposed to difficult-nervous life events
• If you have lost a loved one,
• If you have difficulty in controlling your anger,
• If you feel that you have difficulty adapting to university life,

If the feelings and thoughts mentioned above are close to you, it will be very helpful for you to come to the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit and get an individual interview from our psychological counselor.
In fact, many people can experience stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion from time to time. However, sometimes these and similar situations can become long-lived and difficult to control. Our health can begin to seriously interfere with our relationships, our academic obligations and our social life. In situations like this, receiving psychological counseling support can offer significant contributions to the individual.

 Hello from the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit!
In the Ordu University, we have a service unit that provides psychological counseling and guidance services.
Our aim as a unit is to support our students and our staff to develop at the highest level in the individual, social, educational and professional aspects. We carry out preventive and developmental studies for various problems in our unit.

• Confidentiality: We keep all services provided under the ethical rules confidential. We will not share any personal information belonging to you with any person, unit or institution without your permission or consent.
• Unconditional acceptance and respect: As an individual, we always respect individual differences. Regardless of the beliefs, values ??and characteristics you have, you are always respected individuals for us.
• Transparency: We will sincerely handle the issues and issues that our clients bring to the agenda with them and express our feelings and thoughts on the subject in a realistic way.
• Competence: Our unit consists of specialists having the necessary training and degrees for their field, acting on the basis of science, continuing to develop themselves, and carrying on their activities in professional supervision and solidarity.

Individual Psychological Counseling
We offer individual interviews, individual, social, educational, professional issues and issues that concern one's own development, opportunities to talk to competent experts in these matters on a confidential basis and in a safe environment.
With our clients, we are working together to identify personal challenges and achieve the goals we have identified together. If necessary, we refer another expert or colleague within the university to take advantage of our clients, psychiatric, medical or social services.

Psychological Tests
In the psychological assistance process, we apply a variety of psychological tests, which, if necessary, provide the opportunity to get to know our clients more closely.

Psychiatric help
As it is known, psychological disorders are diagnosed, treated and followed by psychiatric specialists. We do not have a psychiatrist in our unit and, if necessary, we direct our clients to the appropriate mental health unit or institution so that psychiatric help can be provided.

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