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Faculty of agriculture has continued its education programs without a break since its foundation. Besides its being the oldest faculty of our university that provides education in bachelor’s degree, it also provides education in graduate and post-graduate level.    

There are Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Horticulture, Field Crops, Plant Protection, Animal Science, Food Engineering and Landscape Architecture Departments in our faculty and among these departments undergraduate and graduate education is provided in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Horticulture, Field Crops, Plant Protection Departments. Moreover, post-graduate education (PhD) is offered in Horticulture, Field Crops Departments. 

It has 2 computer labs, 9 labs, 21 classrooms, enough rooms for academic and administrative staff, 2 conference rooms, one lift for disabled students, computer and projector (cinevision) in most of the classrooms, one library and a technology room inside the library.  

About Faculty
The faculty was founded as Ordu Faculty of Agriculture within the body of Karadeniz Technical University in accordance with Law on Organization of Higher Education Institutions and Decree Law no. 41 after it was published in 11.07.1992 dated and 21281 numbered Official Gazette. It was transferred to newly founded Ordu University after it was accepted on 01.03.2006 in accordance with the additional article 69 of law no. 5467 and it was published in 17.03.2006 dated and 26111 numbered Official Gazette. 

The faculty started its education in 1994-1995 academic year and the first department of the faculty that admitted students was Soil Science Department. After providing education in a building in Guzelyalı neighborhood, the classrooms were moved to main campus (Cumhuriyet) in 2002. The administrative units were also moved to main campus in 2006.  

The departments that have students and providing undergraduate education actively are Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Horticulture, Field Crops, Plant Protection. The other departments such as Zootechnics, Food Engineering and Landscape Architecture do not have students.   

Our mission is to train and graduate agricultural engineers who have essential knowledge and skills in international standards that are necessary in agriculture and industry sectors in line with developing technology, to plan, conduct and carry out researches in order to meet the needs of agricultural production and industry sector.   

To become a well-known education and research institution that trains and graduates well-educated, intellectual, expedient and skillful agricultural engineers, to become an institution that carries out a constant cooperation with industry and puts theory into practice.

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