Vocational School of Technical Sciences

Our School was founded in 1976-1977 with the Departments of Constructing and Electricity, under the control of the Ministry of Education. In 1982-1983, our school was connected to Black sea Technical University. In 1993, it moved back into the current building and in time Departments of Automotive, Machinery, Painting and Construction, Industrial Electronics, Communication, Technology of Control Systems, Tourism and Hotel Management were opened and also night schools for the Departments of Constructing, Electricity, Machinery, Painting and Construction Departments were added. In 2001, the Department of Public Relations was founded.
Since the fall term of 2012-2013, our school –as being School of Technical Sciences- continues to provide education with seven departments and several depending programs.

To be a leader and to set an example for the administration in order to increase the quality in our school raising intermediate staff that our country has needed, lead the science and technology into social welfare, raise individuals who have universal values in the way of self-development and will become the leaders of change and recovery.

To contribute to the process of life-long learning and progress of society by producing, sharing and practicing information. To create a science and contemporary education culture that has original and aesthetical values producing universal information and technology and to raise individuals who are competent and respectful towards social values.

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