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What is Erasmus?
It is a European Union program encouraging Higher Education Institutions to cooperate with one another and providing international Mobility to university students. It provides financial support without payback to Higher Education institutions for producing mutual projects with each other.
Erasmus Program covers european union members 27 countries which are members of Life Long Learning Program, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway which are not members of EU but European Economical Territory members and the EU candidate country Turkey.
It has been applied in EU Countries since 1987. It can be said that it is the most charming program of EU education and youth programs by the consideration of around 1.100.000 student exchanges has been done as the year 2003.
Erasmus program is open for the benefit of higher education institutions. For all the activities going to be held in the frame of Erasmus Program, at least one of the institutions must be European Union member institution.

The purpose of Erasmus is to improve the quality of higher education and strengthen its European dimension. It does this by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, fostering the European mobility of students and teachers, and contributing to improved transparency and academic recognition of qualifications and studies throughout the European Union.

To participate in the Erasmus programme, higher education institutions have to apply for an Erasmus University Charter (EUC) using an on-line application form and take a confirmation from EU. This confirmation has a meaning as a kind of “entrance ticket” to the program.

Students registered in a regular higher education institution owner of Erasmus University Charter shall have the opportunity to become an exchange student in another European country EUC owner higher education institution for 1 or 2 semesters (between 3-12 months) in an academical year and to have financial support for the period they stay abroad in the frame of program.
Erasmus Learning Mobility can be made on inter-institutional (mutual agreements) agreements.
Mobility activity can be made between only the departments having agreement.
Higher Education Institutions selects students according to the criteria defined by European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Department, Guidance and Monitoring Committee.
List showing all of the higher education institutions owner of EUC:

Desiderius Erasmus is a Dutch philosopher lived between 1465 – 1536. Erasmus, who is the pioneer and one of the greatest representatives of humanism Mobility which existed with Renaissance considered as a suitable name to the program thanks to his contributions to combination of Europe under one art and science roof and his effect to the education phylosophy of his era.
The most important work had written against conservatism and has been valid today is  “ (Moriæ Encomium) which is the most important work of Erasmus who lived like a traveller in different countries of Europe during his life.

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