Ünye Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was founded within the body of Karadeniz Technical University in accordance with 3873 numbered law coming into effect on 03.07.1992 and started its education in 1994-1995 academic year in Ünye. The first Department that admitted students is Business Administration Department. While the faculty became a part of Ondokuz Mayıs University in accordance with the 02.05.2001 dated and 2001/2005 dated Decree of the Council of Ministers, later it was transferred to Ordu University in accordance with the Law no. 5467 that was published and came into effect in 17.03.2006 dated Official Gazette. As of 2011, the transfer of faculty campus to our university was completed.   

To produce universal information in the field of economics and administrative sciences, to raise highly qualified, well-equipped, modern, scientific, open minded individuals that stick to Ataturk’s principles and reforms and internalized the values of Turkish Republic.  

Ünye Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences adopts a research oriented faculty model that has good relations with locals. Another purpose of the activities carried out within this context is to enhance the quality of life and broaden horizons of the people living in the region and country. As a result of this, to become a leading faculty in cultural, sportive and social activities, to become a prominent faculty both in Turkey and in the world, to become a faculty that meets the requirements of its partners effectively.

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